Mixed Blood Theatre

Box Office

Phone: (612) 338-6131
Hours: Mon - Fri, 10am - 4pm




Ample parking is available in the
ramp at 19th Ave & Riverside
just two blocks from Mixed Blood.
Parking is also available in the lot
on 4th Street (prepay kiosk) and at
metered spots on surrounding streets.
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Guest Productions

Between: A Journey Through the Middle
Friday February 7 at 8:00pm
Saturday February 7 at 8:00pm

Join vocalists Sarah M. Greer, Aimee K. Bryant, Bruce A. Henry and Libby Turner Opanga for two magical nights of a vocal journey exploring multiple meanings of being in the "between" spaces. Inspired by Sarah’s trip to the Canary Islands in late 2010, BETWEEN: A Journey Through the Middle spins a singing conversation that celebrates the journeying places in each of us, reminding us to embrace edges, transition and change. 

Deepening and enriching the spirited vocals are drummer Nathan J. Greer (Sarah’s brother) and dancer Kenna Camara Cottman. "Singers have always used dance and drums. Our instrument is the body, the power of rhythm and movement are innate and necessary," Sarah explains. These performances are utterly original, soulful and deep yet playful and celebratory. Be sure you see this unique celebration. 




One-Minute Play Festival and Walking Shadow Theatre Company Present:
The 2nd Annual Minneapolis One-Minute Play Festival
Saturday February 15 at 8:00pm
Sunday, February 16 at 8:00pm

Featuring Brand New One-Minute Plays by: Trista Baldwin, David Grant, John Heimbuch, Dominic Taylor, Ricardo Vazquez, Janaki Ranpura, Joe Waechter, Mire Regulus, Aditi Kapil, Gemma Irish, Jessica Huang, May Lee-Yang, Layla Dowlatshahi, Kim Hines, Rachel Jendrzejewski, Rhiana Yazzie, Eric “Pogi” Sumangil, Keli Garrett, Aamera Sidiqqui, Theo Goodell, Lisa Marie Brimmer, Shira Naharit, Stanton Wood, Khary Jackson, Eliza Rasheed, Sarah Myers, Ki Seung Rhee, Jamil Jude, Ruth Virkus, Rachael Brogan Flanery, Saymoukda Duangphouxay Vongsay, Joseph Scrimshaw, Levi Weinhagen, Ben San Del, philip andrew bennet lowe, Katherine Glover, Laurie Flanagan Hegge, Matthew Everett, Matt Sciple, Eli Effinger-Weintraub, Debra Berger & Tyler Mills, Tim Wick, Danika Ragnhild, Amber Bjork, Jon Ferguson, Derek Miller , Suzy Messerole, & Paige Collette

Directed by: Lisa Channer, Harry Waters Jr., Scotty Gunderson, Chris Garza, Meghan Gunderson, Anya Kremenetsky, Rhiana Yazzie, Meredith Larson, & more!

Curated by: Dominic D’Andrea