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SAH RichRyanField1Christopher Rivas in Safe at Home, 2017       PHOTO©RICHRYAN


Mixed Blood Theatre is a professional, multiracial, nonprofit theatre company that promotes cultural pluralism and individual equality through artistic excellence. In our historic Firehouse, deep in the heart of the Cedar Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, we have practiced theatre for over 40 years and continue to:

● Produce award-winning plays by gifted emerging and established playwrights
● Attract talented theatre artists from all over the country
● Is cited annually for its humane and justice-minded work
● Put accessibility at the center of its audience and community engagement

Donate today to ensure there is always a place for Radical Hospitality, breathtaking and vibrant storytelling, and community-centralized engagement.

Give a gift ONLINE, by phone at 612-338-0984, or mail a check directly to Mixed Blood at 1501 S. 4th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55454.



Thanks to the sponsors, donors, and attendees of the Dr. Kingpin fundraiser on January 15, 2017! Mixed Blood Theatre is grateful for your financial support.

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